Understanding Rat Infestations: Signs and Risks


Rats and mice are more than simply a nuisance; they offer major health and structural harm dangers. Recognising the indicators of a rat infestation is critical for early intervention.


Identifying Rat Infestation Signs


Mice and rat droppings, chewed furniture or wiring, and dust tracks are frequent indicators of a rat infestation. Rat footprints are identifiable from mice due to their larger size. Look for holes in the walls, streaks on surfaces, or a direct encounter with a rat. Once you’ve identified a rodent in your home, contact a Berkshire pest control specialist, such as Pest Control Berkshire, for a comprehensive solution.




The Dangers of Rat and Mouse Infestations


Rats and mice are not only unattractive, but they're also likely to spread diseases and cause severe property damage. They have strong teeth and can tear through even aluminium, threatening your possessions and the infrastructure of your property.


Effective Rat Control Measures


When dealing with rat infestations in your home, taking the necessary steps to help repel them is important. Implementing these measures will help eradicate the infestations in your home, with support from pest control in Reading.


Maintaining Cleanliness


Keeping your home tidy will inevitably deny rodents access to food. Ensure that all food is safely stored away in cupboards and that waste is disposed of properly to prevent your home from becoming a breeding ground. Maintaining proper hygiene throughout your home and keeping it clutter-free is also pivotal to keeping rodents away.


Outdoor Prevention


To prevent rats and mice from entering your property, ensure that you maintain your lawn, remove water sources from ground level, and clear any blocked drains as soon as possible. And most importantly, avoid flytipping. Not only does it spoil the environment, but it also attracts rodents and wildlife.


Personal Assistance


Seek professional pest control for mice and rats if you require control tactics specific to your property. Pest Control Berkshire provides experienced advice and services for properly removing rat and mouse infestations from your home.


Applying Poison Safely


While availing of Pest Control Berkshire services at your property, it's essential to take note of the safety guidelines provided, especially regarding the presence of children and pets around rodenticides. Remember that rats and mice may take some time to become attracted to the bait as they are naturally cautious about unfamiliar food. Once they consume the poisoned bait, it may take several days for the poison to take effect and for the rodents to perish.

Our highly trained professionals can handle rodenticides safely and will lay them down in areas inaccessible to children and pets. By working with us and abiding by our safety guidelines, we can ensure the effectiveness of the treatment while keeping your loved ones and pets safe.


Pest Control Berkshire is Your Trusted Pest Control for Mice and Rats


Do not let rat and mouse infestations jeopardise your home's safety and hygiene. Pest Control Berkshire provides experienced rat control services throughout and surrounding areas. With over 25 years of experience, you can trust us to protect your house from rat infestations.

Call us today for personalised rat control solutions. Your safety and peace of mind are our priorities.



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