Frequently Asked Questions

Are All Pest Problems Treated the Same Way?
Are Bees And Wasps Still A Problem In Autumn?
Are Cockroaches Always Associated with Dirty Premises?
Are Local Councils Obliged to Provide Pest Control Services?
Are Pest Control Services Registered?
Are Termites Really White Ants?
Are There Any Early Warning Signs of a Bedbug Infestation
Are There Measures I Can Take to Prevent Moles?
Are Your Technicians Trained and Certified?
At What Time of Year Are Fleas Most Problematic?
Can Flea Problems Be More Serious Than Excessive Scratching?
Can Fleas Still Be a Problem during the Cold Winter Months?
Can I Have Mice in My Home without Seeing Them?
Can My Business Be Shut Down Because of Pest Infestation?
Can Pest Control Services Help with Carpet Beetles?
Can Rats Live Anywhere on My Property?
Can you deal with cluster flies?
Can Your Technicians Recommend Any Prevention Strategies?
Do Ants Have Natural Predators?
Do Ants Remain Active During the Winter Months?
Do Bedbugs Have a Known Source?
Do Black Ants Normally Bite?
Do Colder Winter Temperatures Affect Insects?
Does Cleanliness in the Home Have Any Impact on Pests?
Do Flies Mainly Infest Dirty Houses?
Do House Mites Cause Problems for Pets?
Do I Have Any Legal Obligations Regarding Pests On My Property?
Do I Have To Replace Timbers after Woodworm Treatment?
Do I Need Pest Control Management in the Winter?
Do Mosquitoes Feed Exclusively on Blood?
Do Moths Really Eat Clothing?
Do Scratching Noises Coming from My Roof Mean I Have Rats?
Do You Guarantee Your Woodworm Treatment?
Do You Offer 24-Hour Service for Businesses?
Do You Offer a Call Back Service?
Do You Offer Discreet Flea Treatment Service?
Do You Offer Flea Control?
Do You Offer Free Quotes for Service?
Do You Offer Site Surveys for Pest Management Programmes?
Do You Provide References for Your Services?
How Can I Identify the Wasps on My Property?
How Does Your Pest Control Management Work?
How Do Home-Made Flytraps Work?
How Do I Get Rid of Bed Bugs?
How Do I Get Rid of Mice in My Loft?
How do I know if I have bed bugs?
How do I know if I have rats or mice?
How Do Insects Develop Pesticide Resistance?
How do I recognise carpet moths?
How do I tell the difference between wasps and bees?
How Do Mice Get Into My Attic?
How Do Non-Native Species Make It to the UK?
How Do Wasps Respond to Cold Weather?
How Do You Charge for Pest Control and Management?
How Many Treatments Are Required to Eradicate Cockroaches?
How Much Do You Charge to Get Rid of Mice?
How Quickly Can Mice Reproduce?
How To Get Rid Of Rats
If you trap moles in my garden how do I know you have them all?
I Had Wasp Problems Last Year - Will They Return?
I Have Heard That Fleas Can Cause Tapeworm in My Dog; Is That True?
In What Areas Do You Offer Pest Control Management Programmes?
Is a Cat Good Protection against Mice?
Is Cockroach Treatment Expensive?
Is It Okay to Block the Entrance to a Wasp Nest?
Is It True That Bedbugs Can Travel In Books?
Is It True That Grey Squirrels Are Not Native To England?
Is It True That Orange Peels Keep Cockroaches Away?
Is It True That Rodents Can Cause House Fires?
Is It True There Are Thousands of Different Flies in the UK?
Is Mole Trapping Really Effective?
Is Spring A Good Time To Deal With Moles?
Is There A Safe Way To Remove Honey Bees?
I've been using rat poison but I still have rats. Why?
I've Seen Rats in My Garden - What Should I Do?
My House Was Treated for Woodworm, Why Do I Still Have a Problem
Pest Control Company In Oxfordshire That Deals With Wasps?
Should I Be Concerned about Rabbits in My Garden?
Should I Be Concerned about Spring Beetle Activity?
Should I Worry About a Large Number of Hornets on My Property?
There is woodworm in the loft. How do I know if it's active?
What Areas Do You Cover for Rodent Service?
What Are the Advantages of Professional Pest Control in Oxfordshire?
What Are Wasp Nests Made From?
What Can I Do about Flies in My Home?
What Does Sovereign Approved Mean?
What Do I Need to Know about Your Bird Proofing Services?
What Do You Mean When You Say You Are CRB Cleared?
What Happens to Moles in the Winter?
What Is A Pest Control Management Programme?
What Is Biological Pest Control?
What Is Mechanical Pest Control?
What Is Physical Pest Control?
What Is the Best Way to Store Pesticides for the Winter?
What Is the Campaign for Responsible Rodenticide Use?
What Is the Cost-Benefit Ratio of Pest Control and Management?
What Is The Difference Between The Honeybee And Mason Bee?
What Is the Purpose of Your Bird Netting Service?
What Kind of Training Do Your Technicians Receive?
What Makes Your Company Pest Control Experts?
What Pest Control Management Services Do You Offer in Berkshire?
What Should I Do About A Hornets Nest In My Garden?
What Should I Do about Wasps on My Property?
What Types of Mole Removal Services Do You Offer?
When Is the Best Time to Treat Wasps?
Which Berkshire Pest Control Companies Are Discreet?
Why Are Ants More Aggressive After Using Over-The-Counter Insecticides
Why Are Rats Resistant to Some Poisons?
Why Are Rats so Prolific?
Why Are There Flies In My Attic During The Autumn?
Why Are Your Technicians Certified by the RSPH?
Why Can Wasps Sting Repeatedly While Bees Cannot?
Why Develop Rat Management Strategies; Why Not Just Poison Them?
Why Do Ant Powders Not Always Work?
Why Do Bees Swarm?
Why Do Guarantees Vary in the Pest Control Industry?
Why Do I Have Beetles under My Kitchen Cupboards?
Why Do I Seem to Have a Fly Problem Every November?
Why Do Pest Control Companies Not Offer Service for Spiders?
Why Is Moving a Bees Nest Preferable to Terminating It?
Why Is the NHS Having so Many Problems with Pests?
Why Should I Call Pest Control at the First Sign of Trouble?
Why Should I Consider Rodent Management?
You Are Listed on the PROMPT Register; What Does That Mean?


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