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Identifying and Controlling Carpet Beetles

Monday, April 03, 2023

About the carpet beetle

Carpet beetles are considered a pest in the home if not dealt with. As in the name, they can cause damage to carpets, as well as other home items including bedding, clothes, and furniture. The larvae, also known as “woolly bears”, are the culprits for any damage in the home and will need a proper insecticide treatment carried out by a professional.

How can you identify carpet beetles?


Shape: Oval shaped.

Eggs: White or cream in colour, less than 1mm long

Larvae: Light brown or black colouring, 2.5cm long

Adult: Can grow up to 4mm long, oval shaped body with 6 legs and two antennae

The Larva aka “Woolly Bears”

The small hairy larvae of the carpet beetle have short brown bristles and can grow larger than the adult beetle itself looking more like a small caterpillar. The woolly bears will moult up to 5 times and the cast-off skins can be the first sign of an infestation. They will typically feed on feathers, fur, wool, silk, leather and pet hair!

How do carpet beetles get in your home?

Carpet beetles can enter through open windows or be brought in with furniture that is already infested with the carpet beetle. The young larvae will wander along pipes from roofs and into airing cupboards.

Signs of a carpet beetle infestation

  • Spotting the adult beetles- which have the properties and look as described above. You are most likely to find them around light sources which they are attracted to.
  • Signs of larvae- include damage to item and holes in fabrics. You may also spot the eggs in areas out of direct sunlight, such as in shady corners.

Controlling Carpet Beetles

Vacuuming, steam cleaning and general cleanliness can help to deal with carpet beetles in the short term. When woolly bears are present, an insecticide treatment will be needed and can be sprayed or dusted between surfaces, in crevices, and anywhere fluff may collect and attract the insects.

If you suspect a carpet beetle problem in your home is getting out of control, then we advise you to get in contact with us straight away and we will be on hand to provide our expert consultation and service in and around the Newbury area. You can reach us on 01635 250852

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