Moles are very destructive and can be the cause of injury to livestock and costly damage to Farmland, Paddocks, Parks, Playing Fields & Gardens. We are professional mole catchers with a long history of success. We are also highly competitive and have a target response time of 1 hour. We expect to be successful within 3 days of setting traps. We get results quickly!


Mole Population

Populations appear to be growing with a significant number of Moles caught in Newbury and the local area in recent years. Moles are believed to be solitary although experience would indicate they will tolerate each other within a tunnel network as a result of double trappings.

A tunnel system can cover an area of up to 35metres square dependant on food sources. Moles do have eyes although function is restricted to detecting light. Hearing and highly sensitive touch are used as the primary sensory functions to search for food – predominately worms.

Over the 25 years we have operated as a Mole Catcher in Newbury and throughout Berkshire, Hampshire & Wiltshire our expertise has allowed us to become recognised as THE Mole Trappers.

All Moles caught by ourselves are terminated quickly and humanely.

Mole Control

  • We prefer to trap but we are also licensed to gas if absolutely necessary
  • We provide a same day call out service at no premium
  • We are the most competitive mole catcher in Newbury, Thatcham, Hungerford and throughout the surrounding area
  • We offer mole-trapping courses for estate managers, greenkeepers, groundsmen, farmers and landowners
  • We can provide numerous testimonials from our numerous happy clients
  • We will agree a convenient time with you to return and check traps
  • We are CRB cleared and can undertake work at schools, playgrounds etc
  • All our equipment is British made and Professional Grade. 

Please call us for an obligation free chat - 01635 250 852


Call us on: 01635 250 852

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