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Fleas are common throughout the UK, with cats & dogs typically being the originators. Cat & dog fleas are not known to carry any disease serious to humans however the bite of adult fleas is intensely itchy and aggravating to all hosts. Effective flea control is easily achieved if specific flea treatment processes are followed and maintained. We have many years of undertaking flea control. We are quick to respond, competitive and discreet. All our vehicles are unmarked.

Flea Control

  • You will need professional assistance to completely eradicate fleas
  • We have a target response time of 1 hour with NO ‘fast response’ premium
  • We are always discreet in our attendance with unmarked vehicles and operate in plain overalls
  • We are ruthlessly thorough – our reputation relies on our success
  • We will provide best advice on what to do next once we have completed the flea treatment
  • We are competitive and always price to do the job properly the first time round
  • We use the latest equipment and insecticides proven to eradicate fleas
  • We will provide numerous testimonials from our many happy clients
  • We are CRB cleared and undertake work in restricted environments
  • We will provide Safety Data Sheets for all products used on premises

If you are suffering from bites to the lower leg it is possible fleas are present. Here's some useful advice:-
  • Examine pets and carpet. (Place a warm lamp 15cm above carpet to observe fleas jumping – this may require patience!)
  • Cats & dogs will require a complete programme of quality flea treatment – undertake this immediately
  • Repeat the flea treatment process in accordance with the manufacturer's recommendations and frequency
  • The entire property should be vacuumed with specific attention to pet baskets. Dispose of dust/dust bags externally in sealed bag
  • Please contact us for prompt attendance to treat premises. Re-occupation will not be permitted for 4 hours once treatment has been undertaken
  • Do not vacuum premises for 10 days
  • Expect to see flea activity for a further 3 weeks – see below for further info
  • Maintain treatment pets
  • Fleas still in a development phase at the time of treatment will be protected from the acute effect of insecticides used. Consequently fleas will develop and remain present although in much smaller numbers. A secondary component within the treatment addresses these remaining fleas although this can take up three weeks to be fully effective. Treatment to pets must continue. Be aware flea pupa can assume a dormant phase for extended periods, emerging when disturbed and a possible host is present. Thorough hoovering should be maintained. Should you have any queries please contact us on 01635 250 852


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