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There are a significant number of beetles in the UK that cause damage to structures, property, manufactured goods and food products. Cockroaches create considerable health risks in public and domestic environments and should not be ignored at any cost. Luckily cockroaches are not present in significant quantities within the local area at this time. Beetle damage is a more regular complaint requiring professional, cost effective treatment. We have 25 years' experience in dealing discretely with the control of cockroaches and beetles in the Berkshire, and Thames Valley area. Please call us in confidence for help – 01635 250 852.


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Beetles incurring damage to property and products are generally referred to as Textile Pests. They are frequently present in the home as well as public and commercial environments and numerous in their species. Unlike cockroaches beetles are not known to carry disease or pathogens. Common culprits we are regularly requested to deal with are:

(Variegated) Carpet Beetle: An airborne and mobile beetle approx 2-4mm in length. Larvae, (often called Woolly Bears by nature of their appearance) seek sources of plant and animal protein. Birds’ nests can be the source of infestations. Larvae will damage carpets, bedding, clothing, leathers and furs. A white-yellow mottled appearance of the wings of the adults assists identification.

Fur Beetle: Similar in habit to the Carpet Beetle although larger 4-6mm. Adults can be identified by a single yellow spot on each wing. This beetle has also been called the Black Carpet Beetle.

Furniture Beetle (Woodworm): The activity of Furniture Beetle larvae can be seen easily as small holes 1-2mm in diameter in concentrated areas throughout unfinished woodwork. Larvae will live in timber for 2-4 years before emerging as an adult. This becomes of concern in structural timbers where powdered wood gathers in piles underneath emergence holes indicating live activity. Other wood boring beetles such as Death Watch, Long Horn and Wharf Borer can be equally or more destructive and will all require professional treatment and in some instances, review of structural integrity.

Grain & Stored Product Beetle/Weevils: Activity of beetles and weevils in stored product such a grain, flour, rice, cereals, beans, peas is profound and extremely costly. The species are numerous and require onsite detailed examination. Treatments very according to type, however action should be rapidly executed by professionals. We have observed significant volumes of products being rejected through insect damage.


Larger species of cockroach found in the UK include the Oriental, Australian and American variants which at maturity can be between 20-40mm respectively. The smaller species are more commonly found in the UK however. They are the German and Brown Banded Cockroach reaching 12-15mm in size. Cockroaches of all sizes will be seen within an infestation at various stages of development and may include different species living in parallel. This is typically a sheltered, warm and humid environment away from direct light.

Cockroaches are resilient in part due to their ability to survive on a varied diet. This includes grease, faeces, paper, foul water matter and even each other – dead or alive. Legislative controls from the HSE clearly detail that cockroaches are in no way acceptable in public environments and should be monitored and dealt with accordingly. Cockroach control methods vary according to species however all require progressive treatment over a period of weeks. This can be costly and protracted if the infestation has been allowed to develop.

Beetle & Cockroach Control

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