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You Never Know When You Might Need Pest Control

Friday, September 08, 2017

As experts in pest control in Hampshire, Berkshire and much of south-central England, we have come to expect just about anything. Many of the customers who call us for the first time never dreamed they would have need of pest control services to handle things like rodents and insects. But the natural world is all around us. And try as we might, we cannot always keep it at bay. Pest Control Services is here to help when pests become a problem at your premises.

The truth is you never know when you might need the services of professional pest control company. Southmead Hospital over in Bristol recently found that out when it became apparent that their property was being overrun by foxes. These beautiful animals are not normally a problem in urban areas, but hospital officials noticed larger numbers of them wandering closer to the hospital buildings than they were comfortable with.

Concerned that the safety of mothers and their newborn babies was being compromised, the hospital sought out the help of a local pest control company to capture and remove the foxes from the property. Though they have since suspended any such plans, hospital officials had stated that they had "enlisted the services of a licenced pest control company and asked for any foxes captured to be removed and treated humanely."

A Delicate Dance with Nature

It might not surprise you that a number of people in the local area were unhappy with Southmead Hospital's plan to deal with the foxes. Some who opposed the plans thought it completely unnecessary while others were concerned about the welfare of the animals. In either case, opposition to the plan perfectly illustrates the delicate dance with nature that we all participate in.

A big part of what we do at Pest Control Services is to address pest concerns in whatever way is best for both the customer and the natural environment. For example, we avoid destroying honeybee nests at all costs. Honeybee nests can be safely moved to preserve bee populations while still ensuring the safety of clients.

Likewise, there's no need for the foxes around Southmead Hospital to be destroyed. They can be captured and relocated instead, which was the original plan. These are the kinds of things the pest control industry learned over the years as we have sought to do what we do with a greater respect for the natural world.

We offer pest control in Hampshire, Berkshire, Wiltshire, and other areas across south England. If you're having trouble with pests on your property, feel free to give us a call. All our pest control specialists are fully trained and licenced, and we respond to every call quickly, professionally, and courteously.

You never know when you might need pest control service. Remember that with summer now waning, rodents will start making their way closer to buildings. Give us a call if you see an unusually high number of rodents on your property.

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