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Yes - Even Your Business Can Have Rat Problems

Friday, August 07, 2015

In the heat of the summer, nearly every home and business in the UK is at risk of being visited by rats. We have all heard horror stories of an exploding rat population throughout the country, so none of us should be surprised when the annoying creatures show up. This is one of the reasons Pest Control Berkshire offers comprehensive pest control management programmes for business. Yes, even your business can have rat problems.

A good illustration of the rat problem in the UK is a recent story reported by the Daily Star. The story dealt with a well-known café brand that experienced rat problems in one particular store; those problems went unnoticed by owners and management until a pair walking by on the street observed rats in the store during the early morning hours.

It is not necessary for us to mention the name of the store for the purposes of this post. Suffice to say that the store has been closed and the company is now conducting a thorough pest management programme as well as an investigation into how the problem may have started. They are expected to reopen once it is evident all the rats had been eliminated.

Being Proactive Is Best

Businesses in Berkshire are just as prone to potential rat problems as businesses in any other part of the UK. Your best defence against the rodents is to be proactive at all times. That means establishing a pest control management programme that has been designed to take into account your particular kind of business, how your business may attract rats, and any other special circumstances that might contribute to rat control. Pest Control Berkshire can supply you with the management and service you need.

We offer three different levels of pest management for businesses. We would be happy to discuss each option with you when you contact us. The most important thing for you to know is that waiting until you have a rat infestation before you act is not wise. Rats are very difficult to control if they are allowed to proliferate in any given area; it is best to prevent them from getting a foothold altogether.

For more information about comprehensive pest control management, call Pest Control Berkshire. We service Newbury, Thatcham, Hungerford, and all of Berkshire with timely and reliable service for businesses and residential properties.


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