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Why Mice and Rats Love Our Homes

Friday, September 09, 2016

Rats and Mice can be a huge problem, they spread germs, they chew through anything made of wood or paper, and they breed at such a rapid rate that an infestation can reach 200 within a matter of a few months.

So why would they choose your home over others, and what can you do to prevent them?

Mice and Rats

How do they get in?

Rodents are extremely versatile and tenacious when it comes to finding shelter and food.

They are most likely to enter your home in the autumn due to falling temperatures, and they can enter your home through just about any gap you can think of.

The most common ways are via cracks and holes in roofs, walls, floors and foundations, but they can just as easily enter via an ill-fitting door or a gap in a window frame, holes around plumbing, gas pipes or cables, and even via drains and plugholes.

As a general rule, a small mouse can fit through a hole the size of a pencil, roughly 6 millimetres.

If you have rodents in your home, they usually live in roof spaces, cellars or cupboards, but they can also live in wall spaces.

Why would they choose my home?

Mice and rats are scavengers and they are looking for two things: food and shelter. They will be most attracted to homes that give them easy access to either of those things. Here are some ways to discourage them.

  • Keep your home clean. It doesn't necessarily mean your house is dirty if you have mice and rats, but they can even be attracted by crumbs from the toaster, so it's vital to clean up spillages and dispose of food waste as quickly as possible. Keep your food in sealed containers.
  • Keep lids on bins. Don't allow them access to your food waste. Keep it in a bin with a secure lid, never in plastic bags or compost bins.
  • Cover water sources. If you have a pond or birdbath, cover them with mesh, and get any plumbing leaks fixed.
  • Fill gaps. Cracks, openings and holes in your home should be sealed with metal or cement, and all doors and windows should close properly. Fit mesh guards at the tops and bottoms of your drainpipes.

Professional help is at hand

If you live in Reading or surrounding areas including Wokingham, Caversham and Twyford, Pest Control Berkshire can take care of mice or rats in your home. Please give us a call to discuss the problem and we will provide you with a quick, effective, professional solution.

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