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Why Are Rats So Common in Reading?

Friday, December 02, 2016

For many homeowners, it's worrying to hear that rats potentially infest over one million different homes throughout the United Kingdom. For people in Reading, it seems as though the problem is particularly significant, with many individuals worrying about an infestation around their properties.

Canalside, Reading, Berkshire


Why Are Rats So Common in Reading?

These days, the environmental sectors of the council in Reading are attempting to take further steps to provide homeowners with the information that they need to limit the rat problem. However, infestations remain to be a serious issue for many families and companies - particularly in poorly maintained areas or locations that struggle to get rid of refuse regularly.

Rats are Drawn to Food

Most people know that rats can be found anywhere that offers a combination of food, water, and shelter - including sewers. These small animals are efficient at burrowing and can do serious damage to your property and furniture if they are allowed to run havoc around your home. In cold areas, such as the UK, it's not uncommon for rats to try and find sources of shelter, food, and warmth within a local building or property - particularly if they have discovered sources of food nearby.

rat problems Reading

Local sewers in Reading appear to be the most common source of urban rat infestations in the area - perhaps indicating a greater need for sewer control. However, experts have issued warnings to people across Reading, reminding them that it is essential to carefully get rid of excess refuse and food waste as frequently as possible if they want to avoid drawing rats in.

Problems with Refuse Collection

Perhaps the biggest reason why rats are such a significant problem in Reading is down to the fact that the area struggles with maintaining proper waste collection systems. For years, Reading has had no separate collection system for residual and food waste, while recycling is collected in wheeled bins.

As such, food is often left in easy-to-access garbage containers which can provide the perfect temptation for surrounding rats. Residents must be careful when it comes to waste managing and recycling throughout the area - complying with waste legislation as much as possible.

Beyond careful waste management, the only way that residents in Reading can help to manage the rat problem is to invest in the services of a professional pest control company, who can help to humanely remove the pest from their homes and properties.


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