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What You Need to Know about Rubbish and Pests

Thursday, May 28, 2015

We have mentioned in previous blog posts that it is not necessary for a premises to be filthy to attract pests. Even the cleanest of homes and businesses can have problems. However, we do not want to give the impression that dirt and rubbish are not factors in attracting pests such as rats, flies and cockroaches. They certainly are. The reality is that dirty premises are more vulnerable to certain pests than others are.

For this post, we want to deal with the topic of rubbish. Allowing rubbish to accumulate indoors or out is an open invitation to trouble. Here's what you need to know about rubbish and pests:

  • Food Supply - The number one factor in attracting and keeping pests on your property is food supply. If nothing else, animals are hunters/foragers first. They will congregate wherever they can find enough food. Rubbish offers an ample food supply to pests that are not fussy about what they eat. At the top of the list are rats, cockroaches, flies, mice, and several species of ants.
  • Protection - When rubbish is stacked in piles of considerable size, it also offers a safe place for refuge and protection. Smaller pests can reside within the rubbish pile where they will be protected from predators, and thereby causing a colony to grow through reproduction and a lack of predation.
  • Disease Risk - Rubbish allowed to sit long enough to significantly decay adds the extra dimension of disease risk. Decaying rubbish promotes the growth of all sorts of bacteria, which can then be transmitted to humans by the pests themselves. This is the main reason sickness and disease spread so quickly in the days before modern sanitation and rubbish disposal.

There are times when a company such as Pest Control Berkshire needs to be called in to handle a problem. However, individuals can reduce the likelihood of attracting pests by keeping their premises clear of rubbish. A clean and rubbish-free environment also makes our job easier when our services become necessary.

Pest Control Berkshire is a locally owned and operated business based in Newbury. We offer one-off pest services as well as complete pest management programmes for residential homes and businesses. We invite you to contact us for everything from rats to cockroaches to moles. If there is a pest on your property, we can handle it.

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