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What You Need to Know about Firewood and Pests

Monday, December 22, 2014

Summer pests can quickly become winter pests if they find their way indoors when the cold weather arrives. This is something most of us know. What puzzles us is trying to figure out how spiders, beetles and other sorts of bugs make their way inside when we are so diligent to keep windows and doors closed. If you burn firewood during the winter, it may be the culprit.

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Split and stacked firewood provides a natural shelter for bugs of all kinds. Yet it also acts as a vehicle that can bring bugs inside. Once in a warm and cosy environment, the insects can reawaken from dormancy in no time at all. Before you know it, your home could be infested with ants, woodworm, termites, etc.

Here are some things you need to know about firewood and pests:

• Stacking Wood – There is no way to split and stack firewood while keeping insects away completely. Insects are part of the natural environment. However, experts recommend wood is stacked off the ground using a raised steel platform or a pallet. Also, keep wood tightly covered by a tarp. The combination of the two will keep insects to a minimum.

• Wood Inspection – Homeowners should thoroughly inspect wood prior to bringing it indoors. Look for boreholes and fine, powdery sawdust that would indicate boring insects. Any indication of an infestation is enough reason to leave the wood outside.

• Quantity – To minimise the likelihood of infestation, it is a wise idea to bring wood indoors in small quantities. Bring in just enough to last no more than one day. If you can reduce it to half-a-day's supply, that is even better.

• Dead Wood – Dead wood is often used as fuel for fires because it can be easily collected and sized accordingly. Burning dead wood in your fire is also a great way to get rid of it without having to discard it. Unfortunately, there are a number of pests that thrive on dead wood. So be very careful when bringing it into your home.

Should you be unfortunate enough to end up with a pest infestation due to your firewood, do not panic. Instead, call Pest Control Services in Newbury. We are the Berkshire experts for all sorts of insect problems. Whether it's woodworm, ants, beetles or anything else, we can take care of the problem.

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