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Wasps, Bees, Cockroaches, and Beetles - It's That Time of Year

Thursday, June 13, 2019

If you run across a pest control expert mumbling about wasps, bees, cockroaches, and beetles, don't worry. He's not losing his mind. This is the time of year when calls for these particular pests spike. Pest Control Services handles them all in Berkshire, Hampshire, Oxfordshire, and Wiltshire.

Call Us for Wasps

A recent story in the Daily Mail described how a pest controller was called out to deal with wasps only to find a nest that was nearly eight feet around. Apparently, the home's boiler needed repair, but the technician refused to work after he found the nest.

These kinds of reports are not unusual at this time of year. Thankfully, companies like ours can solve the problem by terminating the nest. Feel free to call us for wasp nest removal in Berkshire or anywhere else in our service area.

Call Us for Bees

In April 2019 we published a blog post discussing why bees swarm in the spring and early summer. The good news is that bees are generally harmless. Leave them alone and they will not bother you. Nonetheless, if you have a nuisance beehive on your property, we can safely relocate it for you.

Why do we relocate rather than destroy? First, there is really no need to harm the bees. They aren't aggressive for the most part, and they help us by being prolific pollinators. Second, bee populations have fallen off drastically over the last couple of decades. We believe it's important to help preserve whatever populations remain in the hope of bringing them back.

Call Us for Cockroaches

Cockroaches can be a problem year-round but, like most insects, their activity increases once the cold weather comes to an end. If you've noticed a small number of cockroaches inside your house, it's quite likely the problem is a lot more serious than you know. Where there is one cockroach there could be thousands.

Do remember that cockroaches are notorious for carrying disease. Please don't take any risks, especially if you have children or pets in your home. Call us right away if you're seeing cockroaches frequently.

Call Us for Beetles

Most of the beetle calls we get are for carpet beetles, fur beetles, woodworm (furniture beetles), and grain beetles/weevils. Each one of these pests requires a different kind of treatment based on its unique characteristics. One thing we can tell you is that once a beetle infestation has taken hold, it could take quite a bit to get rid of it. Don't hesitate to contact Pest Control Services right away if you suspect you have a beetle problem.

The snow is gone, the spring flowers have bloomed, and pests are on the move. We stand ready to answer every call for wasps, bees, cockroaches, and beetles. We are your pest control experts throughout Berkshire and the surrounding area. We have the knowledge along with 25 years of experience - just what you need for a job done right.


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