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UK's Top 20 Most Infested Spots Doesn't Include Berkshire

Friday, May 01, 2015

The British Pest Control Association (BPCA) recently released its top 20 list of the most infested places in the UK. Thankfully, neither Berkshire nor any of the towns in the county made the list. The BPCA compiled its list based on information supplied by its members dealing with everything from rats to ants to cockroaches.

At the top of the not-so-popular list is Newcastle-upon-Tyne. Pest control companies in that area answer 50.42 calls per 1,000 residents every year. The City of London did not fare much better; pest controllers in the capital responded to 49.76 calls per 1,000 residents. Much to our surprise, there is a significant drop-off between the numbers two and three slots, with Knowsley coming in at 34.34. Fife bottomed out the list at number 20 with just 19.95 calls per 1,000 residents.

So why isn't Berkshire on the top 20 list? We would like to think it is a combination of the efforts of companies such as Pest Control Services and the willingness of residents to be diligent in their pest control efforts. Perhaps neither has anything to do with it, but it matters not. What matters is that Berkshire residents do not have nearly the same problems with pests found in other places.

Diligence is Key

Pest Control Services is a locally owned and operated business based in Newbury. We have built our business over the years by committing ourselves to diligence and quality. We know that the best way to control pests is to get at them as quickly as possible, employing the most effective control methods and insecticides or pesticides. Our long list of satisfied customers is proof that we get the job done.

With summer on the doorstep, now is the time to start thinking about wasps and hornets. Please remember that it is never advisable to attempt to deal with these insects on your own. Both are easily agitated when threatened. Furthermore, over-the-counter insecticides do not always work as advertised. You could end up endangering your safety by using one of these products.

Pest Control Services technicians are very experienced and fully trained to deal with wasps and hornets. When you call, we will respond to your request as quickly as possible. Pest Control Services looks after all of Berkshire as well as limited portions of surrounding counties. Our service area extends 25 miles from our Newbury base.


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