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Tourist Woes Illustrate Serious Concerns with Cockroaches

Thursday, January 22, 2015

British tourists Mark Trevelyan and Magana Salgueiro travelled to a popular Red Sea resort in Egypt in 2013, fully expecting to enjoy a trip of a lifetime. Instead, the pair became terribly ill as a result of cockroaches and birds contaminating the food they ate. Some 18 months later, the pair is still recovering from the health issues relating to the trip. If nothing else, their story illustrates the serious concerns associated with cockroaches.

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Just days into their trip, Trevelyan and Salgueiro began experiencing gastric problems that included traveller’s diarrhoea, abdominal pain, cramps, nausea, and exhaustion. Salgueiro experienced physical symptoms for up to two months after they returned, while Trevelyan still suffers to this day. Both were given antibiotics after their GP diagnosed them with traveller’s diarrhoea. However, their symptoms were so severe that the GP asked them not to come to the clinic for fear of spreading the illness to others.

Both men say they witnessed food service and preparation areas being swarmed with cockroaches and birds during their stay in Egypt. Their illnesses were directly attributed to food contaminated by the pests. Fortunately, the men have been awarded financial compensation after settling with the resort.

Cockroaches: Serious Health Issues

We bring this story to your attention not because we want to dissuade you from travelling abroad. Rather, we want to remind our readers of the serious problems posed by cockroaches. While it is true that roaches can infest even the cleanest and tidiest of residences, infestations most often occur in conditions where hygiene and cleanliness are not observed.

There are two problems with cockroaches that people should be aware of. The first is the fact that they will eat just about anything. Therefore, a dirty home is an open door with its abundance of food. Second, cockroaches are known to carry all sorts of diseases that can be very harmful to human beings. They are resilient insects that are not affected by many of the diseases they carry, so they can multiply indiscriminately.

It is important for you to call Pest Control Services if you notice any signs of cockroaches on your Berkshire property. We are a Newbury-based company servicing Thatcham, Hungerford, and all other areas within a 25-mile radius of our company headquarters. We can rid your premises of cockroaches and teach you how to prevent their return in the future.


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