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Top tips for moth removal and keeping them away

Friday, June 03, 2016

Did you know that moths are several times stronger than butterflies?. Or, that they are several times faster too? Making moth removal difficult sometimes. Indeed, moths are fascinating creatures. But, they are also one of the most abhorred and feared. Mottephobia is the name given to a fear of moths and it is very common, but most of the time, people simply don't like moths!

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How you can do moth removal yourself

If you suffer from Mottephobia, or you simply don't like moths, then keeping them outside of your home is important. The last thing you want is for one to flap around while you're in bed or worse, to land on you. So here's our top tips for keeping moths away this summer:

  • Use yellow light outdoors

Moths are attracted to light - and they will always go to the brightest light. You can keep moths away from your home simply by using a yellow light outdoors as opposed to brighter white light. The moths will simply fly to your neighbour's brighter lights instead.

  • Put solar-powered lights in your garden

We recommend that you keep solar-powered spot lights in your garden. Moths will fly to these instead of the lights nearer to your property. The further away from your home you put them the more effective they will be. Solar-powered lights are cheap to buy too.

  • Keep your windows closed

It might be difficult to do on hot summer nights, but keeping your windows closed will stop moths from entering your home. If you must have your windows open, then open them just a touch and keep your lights off inside so that moths aren't tempted into your home.

  • Use a door screen

There's a reason bakeries and butchers use door screens - they keep insects out! You should do the same. You can go for the usual plastic screen, a metal mesh screen or opt for a designer bead screen. These can simply be removed at night or left on all year round.

  • Keep your wardrobes closed!

Moths can eat practically any natural fibre. They are attracted to natural fibres, so we recommend you keep your wardrobes closed during the summer. Moths eat wool, cashmere, silk, cotton, linen, fur and many more natural fibres.

  • Get help from a pest controller

Sometimes moths can enter a home and wreak havoc no matter how many preventative measures you put in place.

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No wonder some of us run a mile when we see moths flying towards us! (Of course, these are not the same as clothes and carpet moths, which are common household pests.)

For more information about moth removal in Reading and the surrounding areas please contact Pest Control Berkshire.

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