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Three Things You May Not Know About Field Mice

Thursday, October 30, 2014

Field mice are all over the UK. They are a necessary part of nature with an important role in keeping ecosystems in balance. Unfortunately, they can become household pests during the late autumn and early winter months. Field mice in your home can cause a number of problems that include both property damage and the spread of certain kinds of diseases.

With winter now knocking on the door, it is important for property owners in Berkshire to be aware of field mice and the potential problems these cause. Pest Control Services is at the ready to help should you notice field mice on your property. That said, here are three important things you may not know about field mice:

1. Autumn and Winter Worst Seasons

During the spring and summer months, field mice pretty much keep to themselves in their outdoor spaces. It is not until autumn and winter that they become a problem. Finding a few field mice in your home does not indicate your property has suddenly been invaded; the mice have probably been there all along. It just means they are looking for a warm and cosy place to overwinter.

2. They Don't Need to Feed

The average field mouse is able to sufficiently feed throughout the spring and summer to take care of all its nutritional needs. That means they can take up residence in a roof or wall void with no need to regularly find food. Moreover, if mice are not looking for food, commercially available poison may not necessarily help you control them. Pest control specialists will sometimes use a special kind of poison the rodents find very difficult to resist.

3. Access Is Easy

Field mice are small enough that they do not need much room to get into your home. One of the best ways to prevent a field mouse infestation during the autumn and winter is to do a thorough inspection of your home's exterior multiple times during the season. There are DIY products you can purchase to help make your home more secure. For example, mouse mesh secured across vents will allow air circulation to continue without letting mice in.

get rid of house mice Berkshire

Field mice can be a problem in your home during the autumn and winter. If you need help, do not hesitate to call Pest Control Services in Newbury. We would be happy to send a technician out right away.

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