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Three Reasons the Pest Control Market Remains Strong in the UK

Thursday, February 05, 2015

The economic downturn that hit the UK in 2007 and 2008 was devastating to many industries, even to the extent that some have not recovered some eight years later. That is not the case for the pest control industry. According to Digital Journal, the pest control market in the UK has continued to grow and is now worth some £400 million annually. It is one of the few industries that have not declined as a result of the economic downturn.

We believe there are three very good reasons to explain the success of our industry. These are as follow:

1. Education – It used to be that pest control was largely the domain of food service businesses and other commercial enterprises required by law to control pests. However, over the years, more consumers have been educated about the problems pests can cause at home. More people today know about things such as the spread of disease and the property damage caused by pests.

2. Pricing Structures – Many of today's pest control companies are offering tiered pricing structures that enable both businesses and home owners to select management packages that fit their budgets. As with any other business, consumers are more willing to spend money on a service when providers offer good value for money. Modern pest control pricing structures reflect that.

3. Effective Treatments – As the pest control industry has evolved over the years, so have the treatments used to control everything from wasps to moles to birds. More effective treatments open the door to a wider range of applications, which, in turn, make pest control management services more attractive to a wider audience.

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Digital Journal explains that pest control is generally a reactive industry, where consumers do not call a company such as Pest Control Berkshire until they have a problem. Nevertheless, once an initial pest is discovered and eradicated, customers are more likely to engage in preventive control thereafter.

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