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Threat of Spanish Slug Provides an Important Reminder

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Gardeners all across the UK are preparing for the invasion of a Spanish slug capable of wreaking havoc on vegetables, fruits, and plants of all kinds. Why such dire warnings? Because a relatively mild winter has allowed many of the slugs that would have otherwise died to survive. Moreover, because each slug can lay up to 400 eggs, more survivors in the spring means more opportunities for garden damage.

Pest Control Services does not handle problems with slugs in home gardens. That's a job best left to natural predators such as hedgehogs and birds. However, the warnings now being issued about the Spanish slug are an important reminder that all sorts of household pests typically affected by winter weather could potentially come back stronger in the spring. Where some gardeners may have trouble with slugs, you may run into problems with bedbugs, fleas, wasps, ants, or cockroaches.

We usually rely on colder winter weather to take care of the local pest populations by reducing their numbers. Although cold weather alone does not control pest populations, it certainly helps. Conversely, mild winters usually result in greater numbers of pests come spring.

Diligence is Key

As we approach spring, and the weather starts to improve, diligence is the key to pest control. Pest Control Services customers who have had problems with certain kinds of pests in the past should keep a watchful eye over the next few weeks. For example, woodworm activity typically picks up in the spring and autumn months. Any sign of beetle activity in your furniture or wood fixtures could mean that there are still larvae buried deep within. We need to get working on that right away.

Customers should also beware of wasps as late spring turns into summer. Wasps can be aggressive at this time of year due to nesting and procreation. Furthermore, people should never try to control wasps on their own using an over-the-counter product. Such products tend to antagonize the insects. The safer and more efficient choice is to call us so we can come out and take care of the problem.

Spring is that time of year when Pest Control Services starts receiving calls for lots of different household pests. We are proud to offer one-off services, as well as complete pest control management throughout Berkshire and limited portions of Hampshire, Oxfordshire, and Wiltshire. Call our Newbury offices to schedule a visit to your location.


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