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The Vine Weevil: A Stealthy Summertime Pest

Friday, August 08, 2014

Most of the beetles and weevil we deal with during the summer months are indoor pests. Various types of beetles can cause property damage by way of carpets, furniture, and textiles, while certain weevils cause problems with grains and vegetables. Outdoors, there is another pest that can be difficult to identify: the vine weevil.

Also known as the black vine weevil, this little creature can do tremendous damage in your garden. If it gets into your home, your potted plants and home-grown fruits and vegetables can fall victim as well. Dealing with an infestation requires recognising the signs and following a full course of treatment even when the infestation seems to have subsided.

Like many summertime pests, one of the biggest challenges with the vine weevil is its prolific reproductive ability. When females come out during the evening hours to feed, they also lay eggs at the base of the plants they feed on. It doesn't take long for those eggs to mature and hatch. For that reason, it may appear that a home-based treatment has effectively eliminated the pest, for the homeowner only to find a new infestation emerging shortly thereafter.

Signs of Damage

Spotting the signs of vine weevil damage is not difficult. The most telling sign for inexperienced gardeners is a plant that appears to be wilting even though the soil has received plenty of moisture. What appears to be wilting is actually the damage caused by the pests feeding on the outer edges of plant leaves. Unfortunately, leaf damage is nothing compared to what is happening at the base of the plant.

The vine weevil larvae emerge from their eggs as small white grubs with voracious appetites. They live in the soil until mature, feasting on the stems and roots. It is not uncommon for the weevils to bore into tubers as well. Herbaceous plants can be completely devastated by infestation of vine weevil larvae.

Terminating Vine Weevils

There are a number of home remedies used to treat minor vine weevil infestations. However, we recommend you seek the help of a professional pest control provider. Vine weevils and their larvae are rather small and difficult to see. What's more, they only feed at night. Trying to deal with an infestation during the daylight hours will likely yield less-than-desirable results, especially if you are not completely familiar with how these pests operate.

As with any beetles or weevils found in Berkshire or the surrounding counties, Pest Control Services is at your disposal. We have the knowledge and tools necessary to completely terminate an infestation before more damage is done. When you call us, we will come and do a thorough inspection of your property for the purposes of proper pest identification. Then we will thoroughly explain the problem and how we intend to treat it.

Pest Control Services is proud to provide reliable and affordable pest control service throughout Berkshire, Hampshire, Wiltshire, and Buckinghamshire. We are a Newbury based business that believes customer service makes the difference. When you call on us for help - whether it's a rat problem, a wasps nest that needs to be removed, a problem with moles or any other pest problem - we will give you our best effort every time.

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