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Scottish Families Flee Massive Bee Swarm

Thursday, June 05, 2014

In what could easily have been a scene from a horror film, a group of families in Inverness-shire found themselves running indoors to get away from a massive swarm of honeybees descending on their quiet cul-de-sac neighbourhood. The harrowing incident began in the early afternoon hours of May 30.

image of honey bee

The Express reported that the problems began about 1pm when the swarm gathered between two houses in the neighbourhood. Witnesses say they heard the loud buzzing noise but thought nothing of it until the swarm actually came into view. Without warning, an estimated 30,000 bees descended on the neighbourhood, flew up the street, and eventually swarmed on a sign standing in one garden.

The bees sent residents fleeing for their houses in terror; one father was even seen throwing towels over the heads of his children to protect them. Parents said their children were too frightened to go outside even after beekeepers arrived to remove the swarm.

It took the Inverness-shire Bee Keepers Association three separate trips to deal with the massive swarm. They started by removing the queen along with one group of bees, followed by two more trips for the remainder. The entire swarm had to be relocated to an undisclosed location at least 3 miles away from the neighbourhood in order to prevent them from coming back.

Summertime Is Bee Time

The events unfolding in Inverness-shire are not an everyday occurrence in the UK, but swarming does happen during the summer. The fact is that the summer season is the season of peak activity among honeybees in the northern hemisphere. Whether you live in Inverness-shire, Berkshire, or anywhere else in the UK, bees can be a pest.

During the winter, honeybees cluster in their hives where they have plenty of honey and their own body heat to keep them alive. However, the warmer temperatures of spring draw them from those hives in search of more nectar and pollen to feed the colony and its developing larvae. Unfortunately, colonies can be big enough to be troublesome for homeowners.

Honeybees are an especially annoying pest among those who are allergic to bee stings. That's why it is so important to call a pest control company if you notice a colony of bees in your neighbourhood. An experienced pest technician can remove the troublesome bees and deploy various methods to keep them from returning.

an example of a large bees nest in a tree

Control Services of Berkshire can help you with the problems throughout our service area covering Berkshire, Buckinghamshire, Hampshire, and Wiltshire. Our fast response time and highly skilled technicians are just what you need to feel safe from unwanted pests. We will take care of your problems with just one phone call from you. If you have a problem with bees nests or swarms, just give us a call and we'll offer free advice or come and deal with the bees for you.


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