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Rats nearly always go up. But how do they get in?

Wednesday, March 02, 2016

Rats are good climbers and once in a property they nearly always find their way into roof spaces. Most clients don't know they have a rat problem until they hear scratching and gnawing from the loft at night.

The key to resolving a rodent issue for good is finding the ingress point, however do not block it until the rats are dealt with as they will cause more damage if blocked in.

We recently attended a rat issue at two properties in Reading. It was infact a semi-detached house. The home owners were both complaining of hearing rat activity late at night coming from the roof space mostly around the perimeter of the loft.

On surveying both properties, paying particular attention to the roof space, there was little evidence of rat activity. This meant that the rats with spending very little time in the accessible part of the loft it's very likely they were using the soffits as a run. But how were they getting in?
The survey continued outside and 2 significant factors were discovered:
An ingress point under the wall at the front of the property.
Between the building and the next door house there was an accumulation of rubbish. There were three or four mattresses as well as cardboard and general builders rubble. All ideal harbourage for rats! Rats will make use of whatever nesting material is available but in colder months they will be on the lookout for warmer accommodation. As such they will exploit any weakness in a property.
On this visit access to that part of the property wasn't possible. Our Pest Technician was sure this area would give clues as to the source of the problem.
Traps were placed in the loft of both properties and at the ingress at the front,
On the next visit access had been arranged to the adjacent property and another ingress point under the property was quickly found along with evidence of recent rat activity.
It was possible to see into the ingress and feel the inside of the cavity wall. (Gloves always worn for this)
No doubt that rats were using the cavity as a climbing frame to gain access to the roof space.
Once this access was found the rats were dealt with using a combination of traps and rodenticide bait.
Once it was confirmed there was no more activity the ingress points were then blocked with concrete reinforced with wire netting.

If you hear unusual sounds in the night and you think you may have a rodent problem then call us at Pest Control Berkshire 01635 250852

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