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Rodent Control Is a Long-Term Proposition

Friday, April 06, 2018

With spring now here, Control Services wants to remind customers not to dismiss past rodent problems. Even though warmer weather invites rodents to go back outside, that does not mean the pests are going away. Effective rodent control is a long-term proposition based on the realisation that weather influences rodent behaviour.

As we have said many times in the past, property owners can fail to realise they have a rodent problem until colder weather starts driving the animals toward homes and other structures. We get a lot of calls for rodents between mid-autumn and late spring because rats and mice are looking for safe, warm places to spend the winter. But just because warmer spring weather invites rodents back outdoors does not mean they are gone.

If you have worked with us on rodent control in the past, please continue to follow the advice you were given. Failing to do so may result in a reoccurring problem down the road. Furthermore, that problem could be worse than the original problem that brought us to your property the first time around.

Rodent Control Must Be Proactive

In addition to rodent control being a long-term proposition, it must also be proactive to be effective. The fact of the matter is that rodents are prolific enough that it is impossible for our industry to completely eliminate rodent populations on customer properties. Take the case of a Lincolnshire bar as an example.

As reported by the Mirror, a former employee of the bar took a video of a rat peering out of a toilet on the premises. Both the local authorities and the property owner's pest control contractor were notified; both completed their investigations by concluding that it was an isolated incident. The local authorities found no problems on the property that would warrant any enforcement action.

In simple terms, the property owner was doing everything right to control pests. This one incident of a rat in a toilet was an isolated incident and 'just one of those things' that happens. Rats are found throughout England in large numbers; sometimes they find their way indoors even when appropriate pest control measures have been taken.

We Can Solve Your Rodent Problems

In summary, rodent control is a long-term proposition that requires proactive treatment. Control Services specialises in doing just that. We are your rodent control specialists in Berkshire, Hampshire, Oxfordshire, and Wiltshire. Our coverage area is extensive enough to include dozens of towns stretching from the west side of Berkshire all the way to Reading in the east.

Do not ignore past rodent problems now that spring is here. Remember that warmer weather only encourages rodents to return to the great outdoors. It doesn't eliminate them. If you do not take proactive, long-term measures to keep them away from your home over the next 4 to 5 months, they will be back in the autumn. Call us so that we can help you keep that from happening.


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