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RNA Insecticides Being Studied for Future Use

Friday, July 24, 2015

Pest control experts face a persistent problem that no-one has yet been able to overcome. The problem is the fact that many common household pests eventually adapt to insecticides and pesticides over time. Their ability to adapt means the industry has to continually be one step ahead in developing new methods of control. One of the newest methods, which shows legitimate promise, is the development of RNA-based insecticides capable of targeting specific pests in a way that may prevent adaptation.

RNA, also known as ribonucleic acid, is part of the genetic make-up of all living organisms. It acts as a cellular-level messenger that carries instructions to various DNA strands within a living structure. Scientists have discovered that by interrupting these messages through altered RNA, they can cause DNA to respond in different ways. The procedure has been in use for decades as a means of protecting crops.

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Scientists are now using the technology as an avenue for discovering new ways of controlling pests without causing peripheral damage. This is important in light of the fact that peripheral damage is a very serious concern with most of the insecticides and pesticides in use today. The successful development of an RNA-based insecticide could be a game changer.

Early testing shows that it is possible to spray vegetation with an RNA insecticide that is uniquely tailored to affect a particular gene in the targeted pest. Because the plant does not have the same genetic structure, the altered RNA has no effect on it. Yet it does have a very definite effect on the pest that ingests it. The technology is still in its infancy, but early testing has yielded positive results.

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Even if RNA-based insecticides prove useful, we are still years away from seeing them made commercially available for our kind of work. In the meantime, Pest Control Berkshire will continue to provide reliable service to our clients using the latest approved technologies and pesticides.

Pest Control Berkshire provides professional and effective treatments for a long list of household pests including wasps, hornets, flies, ants, fleas, and bed bugs. We are also the Sovereign-approved provider of woodworm treatment in Berkshire. Our service area covers all of Berkshire and very limited areas of some neighbouring counties. Feel free to call us for all of your pest control needs at home or your business.

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