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Restaurant Owner Learns all about Uncontrolled Cockroaches

Thursday, June 19, 2014

A Milton Keynes restaurant and supermarket owner recently learned just what could happen when cockroaches are not controlled. Sellathurai Thayaharan, owner of the Sai Mantra restaurant and the Sai Supermarket in Bletchley, appeared before magistrates recently to answer charges of failing to control pests. Both the supermarket and restaurant were found to be infested with cockroaches during an official inspection.

image of a cockroach

As a result of the infestations and Thayaharan's apparent unwillingness to do anything about them, he was fined thousands of pounds. All told, he was found guilty on six separate offences that included allowing cockroaches on his premises, failing to keep his premises clean and failing to properly clean and disinfect equipment.

There are no specific reports of either business being closed, but we suspect that will be the case until the cockroach problem is resolved. As the court explained, patrons of the businesses have a right to expect ‘hygiene standards are being met’ by the owners.

News reports say Milton Keynes Council closed the restaurant last summer because of the cockroach infestation. It reopened the following day. Apparently, little was done to deal with the cockroaches or clean up either of the properties to the satisfaction of the Food Hygiene Regulations.

Cockroaches Are Prolific

The thing to learn from this story is the fact that cockroaches are incredibly prolific. If you see one, there are likely hundreds more you have not seen. That is why it is never a good idea to ignore a cockroach when you see it. You need to immediately call in pest-control to deal with the situation.

Control Services could have helped Mr Thayaharan, given that we provide service in Buckinghamshire. We could have come out to both locations and immediately treated for cockroach infestation, using a solution that would have all but brought the problem to a complete halt. Then it would have been a simple matter of cleaning up the properties so as not to attract more cockroaches.

Whether at home or your business, we encourage you to keep your property clean and properly maintained at all times. Remember that cockroaches thrive in filth. You are not likely to suffer infestation if you take care of your property. Moreover, on the outside chance you do see a cockroach or two, be sure to call Control Services immediately. We provide pest control in Buckinghamshire, Wiltshire, Berkshire, and Hampshire.

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