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Rat presence in lofts significant

Monday, January 16, 2012

We are dealing with a significant number of clients who have been affected with the ingress of Rats into their roof spaces – this is throughout Newbury, Thatcham and Hungerford. It does not come as a surprise however, a wet summer, very warm autumn/early winter and localised resistance to poisons has allowed populations to expand considerably.

Rats a problem in lofts

In the vast majority of cases Rats are finding that foundations to buildings are the ideal point of access. This is usually where ductwork and pipes penetrate the foundation wall and are not proofed against rodent ingress. Once rats have access to a warm and cosy cavity, the problems start. The image below shows how access has been gained – the first the client knew of the issue was the scratching sounds above them – particularly during evening and throughout the night.

Rat presence in lofts significant.

Our control of these rat issues is unique to the circumstances of each situation. We avoid the use of poisons within residentail properties although do use them where required. Trapping rats is not as easy as you wouth think – we can help. In the first instance check you property for any points of ingress.

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