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Rat in the kitchen (and not UB40!)

Monday, January 13, 2014

We took a call from a distressed client who had seen a rat at the back of a kitchen cupboard. This type of call is always given priority, so we attended promptly and carried out a full survey of the property. Unfortunately there was evidence of rats under the kitchen units, signs of ingress through the wall into the cavity where a hole for a dishwasher pipe was too large. There was also significant activity in the loft suggesting that once the rats had got into the cavity they were travelling between the loft and kitchen very easily.

rats in the kitchen

When rats are freely using the cavities it is best not to use “Rodenticide Baits” as there is no telling where they may die. In this situation we will use traps.

The client has a large part to play too by ensuring there is absolutely no food available and blocking up any access points, although this is a service we offer.

After successfully using the traps for several days all activity ceased, the ingress points were blocked and the customer was happy to be able to relax in the kitchen once again.

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