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Qualities of a Pest Control Expert

Friday, May 08, 2015

A quick online search using your favourite search engine demonstrates that there is no shortage of pest control companies in England claiming to be experts. Here at Pest Control Berkshire, we are not afraid to make that claim because we know we can back it up with the results our customers expect. Not everyone in the industry can say that.

So what is it that qualifies a company to claim expertise? The following three qualities:

1. Extensive Knowledge of Pests

The UK is prone to a long list of pests, some that are native and others that are not. It is not enough for a pest control company to have limited knowledge of the most common pests along with a few chemicals and methods of treatment. An expert is intimately acquainted with as many pests as possible. The expert knows how each one behaves, what each one's tendencies are, and how each pest reacts to various forms of treatment.

2. Ongoing Training

The pest control business is not a static one. Things are always changing due to pest evolution, environmental factors, regulations, and consumer demands. To be an expert constantly requires putting technicians through training that keeps them abreast of all of the latest in the industry. You will be happy to know that Pest Control Berkshire takes this very seriously. Our technicians are continually training with the latest chemicals, treatment methodologies, and best practices.

3. Understanding of Human Nature

Effective pest control is not only a matter of dealing with the pests themselves; technicians and the companies employing them must also understand human nature as it relates to reacting to certain kinds of pests. For example, many people have a natural fear of honeybees despite the fact that these are among the least troublesome and dangerous of pests in the UK. Part of our job at Pest Control Berkshire is to calm client fears in order to help them understand why we prefer to move a honeybee nest rather than terminate it.

For more than 25 years, Pest Control Berkshire has been providing effective and affordable pest control throughout Berkshire. Our routine service area covers a 25-mile radius from our Newbury base and includes towns such as Thatcham and Hungerford. We strive to provide same-day service when possible or next-day service otherwise. For all of your pest control needs at home or at work, please contact Pest Control Services.

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