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Protect Your Property: Know Your Pests

Thursday, February 19, 2015

It's that time of year again when the Royal Horticultural Society (RHS) releases its annual list of the top 10 pests, as observed during the previous year. Their 2015 list include some household pests that most of us have never heard of. However, some of the old ‘hands’ remain as problematic today as they have ever been.

New to the list for 2015 is the allium leaf miner, a pest that starts out as a boring maggot that makes its way into everything from onions to leeks to chives. By the time the maggots mature to adult flies, the plants they have invaded are no longer edible.

Slugs and snails own the number one position on the 2015 list, as they have for the past eight years. These little creatures damage all sorts of foliage, including vegetables and ornamental flowers. The good thing about slugs and snails is that they are rarely a problem indoors. So, what does cause problems indoors?

Mice and voles are among the pests on the RHS list that can be a problem indoors. Their position has slipped over the years, thanks to the efforts of pest control companies that have learned new and effective ways to control them. Nevertheless, it is quite likely that these two creatures will never drop out of the top 10 due to their prolific nature. Mice will be especially problematic wherever humans congregate in large numbers.

Proper Identification of Pests

Controlling pests on your property starts with proper identification. When you know what you are dealing with, you can learn the proper way to control all sorts of unwanted creatures. The most troublesome pests can be handled by professional pest controllers such as Newbury-based Pest Control Services.

Pest Control Services has extensive experience handling all sorts of pest issues. During the winter months, we frequently deal with mice, rats, woodworm, moles, and flies. Springtime will bring with it an increase in the number of calls we receive for bees, wasps, beetles, and cockroaches. Bed bugs and fleas will dominate the summer.

We offer proven and effective pest control throughout most of Berkshire and limited parts of Oxfordshire, Hampshire, and Wiltshire. Our service area covers a 25-mile radius extending from our Newbury office. If you need help with any household pests on your property, call Pest Control Services right away for professional service you can rely on, at a price you can afford.


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