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Pest Control: Learning a Lesson from Farmers

Thursday, June 11, 2015

A quick internet search on recent pest control news stories led us to an article published by Farming UK relating to pest control strategies that farmers can use to reduce crop damage and increase profits. While Pest Control Berkshire deals primarily with residential and commercial applications in the Berkshire region, we know that local residents can learn a lesson or two from farmers. Some of the same principles they utilise to control pests on the farm can be put to good use at home or in a small business environment.

As an example, Farming UK recommends farmers treat empty grain stores now in order to avoid pest infestations later in the year. Empty grain stores are much easier to treat, ensuring pest control technicians have easy access to all of the cracks, crevices, and other points were infestations either begin or grow. Waiting until those storage facilities start to fill up makes controlling pests more difficult. It also introduces the risk of crop loss should certain kinds of pests transfer diseases to stored grain.

Likewise, spring is an excellent time to practice residential and small business pest control while we are all in spring cleaning mode. Cleaning out the loft, for example, provides easier access to take preventive measures against potential rodents, bees, and wasps. Cleaning up around the exterior of the house can help to keep away ants and cockroaches. If an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, and we believe it is, controlling pests throughout the summer is made so much easier by taking preventative measures during the spring.

Getting Professional Help

We encourage our customers to do everything they can to prevent future pest infestations that may occur this summer. Once a problem does arise, we recommend you not try to handle it yourself. Many over-the-counter pesticides and insecticides do not work as well as they should; some do not even work at all. Treating an infestation yourself could result in making a bad problem worse. Please be especially cautious when it comes to wasps and hornets.

Pest Control Berkshire is at your service throughout Berkshire, including the towns of Newbury, Thatcham, and Hungerford. As a Newbury-based business, our typical service area extends 25 miles from our office. When you call, we will do our best to respond that same day. Please note that we also give priority to calls involving emergencies.


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