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Proper pest control involves more than just a single treatment

Monday, January 04, 2016

Sometimes, a single treatment is enough to rid a business or home of a pest. A case in point is a mouse or rat living under your floor boards.

However, some pests are trickier to treat.

Fleas, ticks, bed bugs, woodworm and insects like bees and wasps require a higher level of treatment to rid your business or home of them completely.

And with pests that aren't restricted by boundaries like birds, squirrels and moles, ongoing treatment is needed to deter them from coming back and to trap them when they do.

As a result, it's important when you contact a pest control company in Berkshire that you ascertain the depth of their treatments and seek specialist advice about your pest problem; a reputable pest controller will visit you and carry out a survey to find out the true extent of your problem. That's what we do, anyway. We will visit your property, discuss with you the options and then provide you with a free quotation for the work.

Here's what we recommend, based on your pest:

Mice and rats

Trap the rodent humanely and set it free well away from the property.

A single treatment will rid you of the problem but you need to close all entry points to your property to stop them from coming back. Ongoing control needed for persistent problems.

Fleas and ticks

Ongoing treatment is required by professionals using an insecticide.

Insecticide is released in the form of a gas and problem areas are further treated with a spray to kill living fleas and ticks.

Bees and wasps

Hive removal is recommended; we will never destroy an active hive, wherever possible.

Do not do this yourself. Call a professional. Ongoing pest control is recommended to ensure that no hives are rebuilt on the property. A monthly visit will suffice.


A single treatment may be sufficient; however ongoing treatment may be required.

Treatment is best left to a professional to ensure complete eradication of larvae and active woodworm.

Birds, squirrels and moles

Ongoing pest control is needed to deter these pests.

Unfortunately, they are cunning creatures and they will find a way to enter your property, no matter how well you guard it. Treatment must also be balanced with the law; all birds are protected by law so only a professional can deal with them.

If you require pest control in Berkshire, call us on 01635 250 852 today and we will help you ascertain whether or not you need ongoing control.

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