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Pest Control and Reality TV Meet on BBC2

Monday, March 30, 2015

Talk about reality slapping you in the face, there is nothing more real than opening your kitchen cupboards to find cockroaches running around unimpeded. Such are the lots of unsuspecting residents featured in the new BBC2 series The Lady Killers, which premiered on March 25 (2015). The show centres around four female pest control technicians who handle everything from cockroaches to rodents. The first episode featured a battle with bedbugs, a suburban rat infestation, and a group of hungry moths that had decided to dine on carpet.

We are delighted to know that, in a world in which nothing is seemingly too boring for reality TV, people would be interested in watching what we do for a living. Moreover, while most of reality TV is somewhat scripted, the new BBC2 series will give viewers a fairly good idea of the life of the pest control specialist. It will be interesting to keep an eye on the types of problems they deal with and the methods they employ to control pests.

Keeping at It Every Day

At Pest Control Services, reality television is far removed from what we do every single day. As a family owned business based in Newbury, we have spent more than 20 years providing outstanding pest control services within a 25-mile radius of our headquarters. We are the pest control experts of choice in Hungerford, Thatcham, and all of Berkshire.

Pest Control Berkshire featured on BBC

The Lady Killers will undoubtedly portray what Pest Control Services does for our customers routinely. This will include using insecticide treatments to control everything from bedbugs to flies to cockroaches. We assume the TV programme will also look into controlling rodents and moles. And, of course, do not forget flieshornets and wasps as the weather transitions from winter to spring. Where pests abound, Pest Control Services remains vigilant in keeping them under control.

cockroach infestation

If you do end up watching watch The Lady Killers, please bear in mind that reliable pest control is anything but glamorous. Keeping your property free of household pests is a job that requires a tremendous amount of skill, experience, and old-fashioned hard work. When you work with Pest Control Services, that is just what you will get. Please contact us at the first sign of any pest invasion on your property. We strive for same-day service where possible, and next day service in most other cases.


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