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Oversized Rats Are on the Rise: What Is Causing the Problem?

Thursday, February 12, 2015

The number of ‘oversized’ rats being discovered by pest control companies is on the rise throughout the UK. Pest specialists are reporting rats as large as 61 cm (2 feet) that are also resistant to common poisons. It is a situation that has the potential to get out of hand if consumers and professionals do not work together to solve the problem.

News reports suggest that the largest rats are being found in urban environments such as London, Liverpool, and Manchester. It has also been suggested that food waste is to blame, based on the fact that an abundant supply of food and adequate protection allows rats to grow unencumbered. It stands to reason that oversized rats would be more prevalent in cities providing an abundance of food waste and few predators.

For the record, rats are not just a concern because they eat food and multiply quickly. They are a threat to human health due to their propensity to carry disease. Eradicating urban rat populations is essential for maintaining good health, hygiene, and overall public safety.

What Consumers Can Do To Help Eradicate and Control Rats

The eradication of rats is best left to professionals such as Pest Control Services. However, that does not mean the average consumer is helpless. There are a number of strategies that consumers can employ that will aid professionals in controlling the problem. These are as follows:

• Eliminate Food Sources – Rats are non-fussy creatures willing to eat just about anything. Consumers should be diligent about eliminating food sources in and around their own homes. Storing food in sealed containers, disposing of rubbish properly, and keeping a clean home are just a few things people can do.

• Watch for Signs – Eradication of rat populations is made easier the sooner the professionals can get to the job. Consumers can help by watching for the signs of potential infestation. If there is any reason to believe that rats might be present, Pest Control Services or another pest control company should be immediately notified.

• Follow Advice – A pest control company brought in to eradicate rats will also instruct property owners how to prevent the return of the rodents. The best way to control rats is to follow that advice diligently.

Should you suspect rats on your property in Newbury, Thatcham, Hungerford, or elsewhere in Berkshire, please contact the specialists at Pest Control Services. We will be more than happy to provide service on your premises.


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