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New Optical Bird Proofing Gel Test Massively Successful

Saturday, February 25, 2012

For the last three months we have been testing a new product to prevent pigeons roosting on a heavily fouled building in Newbury – We have using Optical Bird Gel. The results have been outstanding. So what you say…OK here's the critical bit, the client has not had to incur the cost (thousands of pounds) in installing netting/proofing. Furthermore the building appearance has not been affected in any way yet the structure is free of pigeons.

We have achieved this result by installing a number of 5cm clear plastic dishes containing a non toxic, non hazardous gel. The gel acts as a ultraviolet repellent appearing as fire in the birds vision. The results are instantaneous and completely humane.

The product is easily installed, in the vast majority of instances cannot be seen from the ground and significantly cost effective. We have significant experience in bird control and proofing and would welcome any enquiries relating to the installation of optical bird gel.

This product really is one of the best to enter the market and will significantly change the way we proof a good number of buildings and structures.

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