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More Ant Problems - This Time from Argentina

Thursday, August 20, 2015

Every summer we seem to have one or two pests that dominate the headlines. Last year it was bees and wasps, this year it happens to be ants. Last week we reported on a flying ant problem involving swarms of the insects taking to the air after the right combination of warm weather and summer rain. Now there is another story to report, based on a warning issued by Basis Prompt, the UK pest control register of which we are a member.

This latest warning has been issued due to a large number of aggressive South American ants being observed across the country. Basis Prompt says there are two varieties of the ants; the Argentinian variety is the more dangerous and aggressive of the two. It is easily recognised by its black colour and red hair. The ant has very sharp jaws that are strong enough to bite through electrical wiring. The ants also destroy crops and home gardens.

Danger to Humans, Pets, and Buildings

The danger with Argentinian ants is that they are not afraid to bite or sting. They are known to carry various diseases including salmonella and streptococcus as well. Humans should avoid contact whenever possible. The ants are equally dangerous to animals and crops, as well as building structures themselves. They have been known to spark electrical fires after gnawing their way through wires in loft spaces and basements.

Due to their aggressive nature, we recommend consumers never try to eradicate an Argentinian ant invasion by themselves. Not only do DIY treatments not always work, but they can also agitate colonies to the point of making them even more aggressive. It is always best to call the professionals at Pest Control Berkshire.

We are registered with Basis Prompt as a certified and recognised expert in pest control. We utilise the latest strategies and pesticides proven to work against Argentinian ants. We know how to rid your property of the pests safely, without causing further risk to your family, your pets, or your property.

Pest Control Berkshire has been providing clients with reliable pest control services for more than 20 years. Our service area extends 25 miles beyond our Newbury base and includes the towns of Hungerford and Thatcham. Call us for all of your pest control needs, whether you are dealing with ants, wasps, mice, rats, moles, or any other household pest.


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