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Mole Control with Pest Control Berkshire

Thursday, March 16, 2017

Moles may appear to be the cutest and most harmless critters to walk over your lawn but they can wreak havoc that utterly belies their initial appeal. If your property, farm, sportsground or golf club finds itself invaded by an industrious mole, you'll certainly know about it and your chosen descriptive terms won't be cute or harmless.


Locally based mole removal services

Pest Control Berkshire's team has seen an increase in the number of moles caught in and around Newbury and whilst they have good taste in picking this area that doesn't mean that they can roam unchecked, their tunnel building may cause accidents and the underpinning strength of earth and turf is compromised.

Our outstanding mole removal services have led to us being recognised as THE mole trappers in Berkshire, Wiltshire and Hampshire. If you think you have a mole issue, please call us rather than trying to tackle the problem. We have the training, qualifications and experience that delivers results rather than hours of frustration and the feeling that a mole is trying to outwit you, just for the fun of it. It's mole control, not mind control!

  • We strive to trap moles but we are licensed to gas them when it's unavoidable for mole removal services. Moles are terminated humanely.
  • Enjoy same day call out at no extra cost.
  • We agree on a convenient time to return and check traps.

Moles, tunnels and molehills

Moles are nocturnal and they like to be alone to amble and construct tunnels; they'll abide company in the tunnel network but you won't find them setting up home together.

The tunnel systems can be built at 4 metres per hour and to any dimension but 30-40 metres squared is normally the broadest. The area is determined by the availability of food, worms primarily, and the amount of activity below ground.

A mole's burrow is a complex network of different types of tunnels. They have permanent tunnels deep down which they use as routes to feeding areas and the ones closer to the surface are the feeding tunnels. These tend to be just below the topsoil or break through the surface.



Pest Control Berkshire's team has seen enough cases in the past 25 years to know that moles rely on their hearing and touch, including vibrations, for food far more than their sight. They tend to use their eyes only to detect light.Their sense of smell is negligible.


Need mole control?
  • Moles harm roots and present a serious risk to crop, flower and lawn growth and health.
  • New molehills tend to have loose, damp soil.
  • Stones rise to the surface and cause injury or damage machinery.
  • Older molehills are flatter.
  • Ridges and an uneven surface are caused by tunnelling. These can cause injuries to humans, pets and livestock.
  • Moles can build approximately 6 new molehills in just 24 hours.
  • A plethora of molehills does not mean an army of moles.

Mole removal services from Pest Control Berkshire delivers swift and effective results that save pain and costly implications.

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