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Mild Winter Helping Bees This Summer

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Does it seem like there have been more honeybees in Berkshire this summer than in previous years? If so, it is not likely your imagination. The mild winter of 2013-2014 has been very favourable to bees through reduced colony devastation and increased pollen-producing vegetation. Bees are thriving this summer to an extent we have not seen in quite a while.

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Scientists say that honeybee losses last winter were estimated at about 10% of the known colonies. That is down from 30% the year before. Such a dramatic decrease is important to bee populations for a couple of reasons. First, a greater volume of bees surviving the winter means more are available in the spring and early summer for procreation. Second, larger colonies are capable of more pollination, which, in turn, makes multiplication easier.

All of this is good news, even for UK residents who might not necessarily be fond of honeybees. We need healthy bee colonies for proper environmental balance throughout the year. The nice thing about honeybees is that they are not aggressive under most circumstances. They only sting when perturbed, and they only swarm in extreme circumstances. That is why calling us for bee removal in Berkshire results in relocation of an active colony rather than its destruction.

What We Do

Pest Control Services is committed to helping preserve and promote bee populations whenever possible. We always do our best to relocate colonies rather than terminate them. Only when these present a dangerous situation do we consider termination as an option.

The biggest risk of swarming occurs in the spring and early summer when the queen of a given colony leaves the nest. The rest of the year, swarms are rare. What should you do if you observe honeybees swarming? First of all, leave them alone. Do not attempt to spray the bees with insecticide. Not only will it not work, you may excite the bees and cause an attack. Your best tactic is to simply let them be. They will eventually calm down and disperse on their own.

If you suspect you may have a problematic bee colony on your property, please call Pest Control Services. We provide same-day service to Berkshire, Buckinghamshire, Hampshire, and Wiltshire. We will dispatch a capable technician to your home to conduct a complete property assessment and, if necessary, a colony relocation or termination.


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