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Mice Vs Rats - Which is the Biggest Pest?

Friday, December 16, 2016

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Mice Vs Rats - Which is the Biggest Pest?

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Any kind of rodent infestation is not ideal. Rats and mice can spread disease, destroy your belongings, and litter your home with droppings. However, you may be wondering which of these creatures is the worst.

In some cases, the decision of whether a mouse, or a rat is a bigger threat comes from personal factors - such as specific allergies and fears. However, it's worth noting that both pests contaminate homes with droppings and urine, and can bring fleas and ticks into the home environment. What's more, both types of pest will consume almost anything they can get their paws on, from insulation and wood, to cardboard and electrical wiring.

The Dangers of Mice

Perhaps one of the most significant differences between mice and rats is that rats are cautious while mice are curious. The rat is a very cautious creature and will avoid new things until it has had a chance to get used to them. Because of this, it's important to set unset traps in front of rats before setting up loaded traps. On the other hand, mice are very cautious and investigative.

A mouse prefers to consume plants and grains, but will eat almost anything, and build its nest within a hidden area near a food source. Within a single year, a mouse can breed up to 20 litters of young (5-6 babies at a time). Those 50-60 offspring can also begin to reproduce themselves within as little as 6 weeks - a fact that helps to make mice one of the top 100 world's worst invaders.

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The Dangers of Rats

Rats will also eat anything they find in your home, but prefer fresh meat and grains. They consume ½ to 1 ounce of fluid every day, and will dig under buildings to build their nests. This can make rats more dangerous to the foundations of your building and furniture than mice - who rarely burrow. Female rats can have up to 6 litters of 12 young a year, with 70+ baby rats who can begin to breed when they're three months old.

Another issue with rats is that they can be more aggressive than mice - who generally only bite when threatened. This means that most people consider rats to be a far greater pest than mice - though neither should be allowed to thrive within your home, as both are dangerous.


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