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Chinese Waitress Has a Lot to Learn about Cockroach Removal

Thursday, July 24, 2014

A businessman recently visited a local restaurant in China only to discover a cockroach in his salad. He called over his 43-year-old server and a heated argument ensued. The server insisted that finding cockroaches in food served at restaurants was normal and that the man had nothing to worry about. She then showed him what she thought was the best process for cockroach removal: she ate the insect.


Other patrons were stunned to see the incident transpire while they were trying to enjoy their meals. As for the businessman, he paid his bill and immediately left the establishment. The restaurant owners later apologised, saying the server had been punished for her actions.

On the one hand, incidents like this are easy to laugh at. On the other hand though, they are quite serious. The server at this Chinese restaurant apparently does not know a lot about cockroaches. Not only is it abnormal to find them in food, but the insects are not safe to eat under any circumstance.

Basic Cockroach Facts

Cockroaches are an order of insects with about 4,600 different species. Approximately 30 of those species are frequently found residing in human habitats. Four of the species are considered pests in the UK: Oriental, Australian, American, and German. Cockroaches have a number of characteristics that make them especially troublesome:

• Diet – Cockroaches of all species can eat nearly anything. Their varied diet means they will eat everything from decaying animals to faeces to one another. This also means they are harbingers of all sorts of disease based on the things they consume.

• Reproduction – The cockroach is one of the more prolific insects on the planet, being capable of reproducing at a remarkable rate. Where you see one cockroach, there are probably thousands more behind it.

• Resilience – Along with being prolific, cockroaches are astoundingly resilient. Getting rid of an infestation requires more than a casual use of off-the-shelf insecticides.

The nature of these pests is such that thorough cockroach removal requires professional assistance. Furthermore, assistance is needed at the first sign of cockroaches in your home or business. Waiting too long could result in a very serious problem that could take quite a bit of time and effort to terminate.

Pests Control Services offers cockroach removal in Berkshire and the surrounding counties. We are a Newbury-based business offering complete pest control.


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