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Keep a lookout for rats and mice this winter!

Monday, December 07, 2015

Weather sells newspapers. Every year, you can bet a tenner that one tabloid will print a story about how this winter is going to be the coldest on record.

The Express did this last year claiming that we would have the coldest weather in 100 years, and guess what? Last winter was actually milder than average.

So take this as you will, but the Express have again predicted that we will have the coldest winter for 50 years in 2015/16, only this time we'll have MONTHS of heavy snow.

Yeah, right. We'll believe it when we see it.

One thing we can all be sure of though, no matter the weather this winter, is that rats and mice will invade our homes. This has been in the news recently, with the Mirror discussing the rise of private pest controllers as council pest controllers take a step back.

In fact, during the winter months we always witness a significant upsurge in call outs from homeowners and businesses for rodent infestations. This year we expect to receive even more, what with local council pest controllers being underfunded and overstretched.

Do you have rats or mice?

Rats and mice seek shelter in the colder months and our homes offer them the perfect environment to survive and flourish.

Most people report hearing scuttling and scratching sounds at first, before finding droppings on the floor. These are all tell-tale signs of a rat or mice (or both) infestation. And as these pests become complacent they start to take risks. We've witnessed them running across floors during the daytime, and they may even be bold enough to pinch food from a kitchen counter while you are in the kitchen!

If you see rats and mice in or around your home this winter, it's important to take action to discourage them from entering your home or to make them leave. You can set up humane traps inside and outside your home that will capture rats and mice and you can then release them in to the wild. Or, you can set up killing traps to keep their populations down.

If you would rather leave it to the professionals, we operate a humane pest control service in Berkshire and some portions of South Oxfordshire, East Wiltshire, and North Hampshire - call us today on 01635 250 852 to arrange a consultation or for a free quote.


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