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I've found a beetle in my house, what does this mean?

Tuesday, March 08, 2016

If you have found beetles in your home, you probably have an infestation of one of the following types of beetle:

  • Carpet Beetle - will damage carpets, bedding, leather, furs and bedding;
  • Fur Beetle - which acts in the same way as the Carpet Beetle;
  • Furniture Beetle - known as woodworm, which damages wood and furniture;
  • Weevils - which infest stored grain, beans, flour, rice, cereals;
  • Cockroaches - these are a major health hazard.

A professional pest control company can deal with all of these beetle infestations easily. You will need an on site assessment of the extent of the infestation and damage. This is particularly important if you have a significant woodworm damage, which can affect the structural beams of a house. Cockroach infestation is extremely serious, as they pose a real health risk. You will need treatment over a number of weeks to get an infestation under control.

Dealing with beetles and woodworm

If you have a mild infestation, you can sometimes deal with it yourself. You may have bought an antique and noticed the tell tale holes underneath, maybe in the legs of a table, or the underside of a chair. To prevent the infestation spreading to other items within your home, you should treat it, as it is relatively simple.

You can buy chemicals over the counter to deal with woodworm, and we would recommend a make such as Sika Sikagard Woodworm Killer or Seahaven Woodwork Killer Concentrate. Both of these products are simple to use, and can be purchased online or ordered at a hardware store. Follow the manufacturer's instructions to the letter, and make sure you wear appropriate protective clothing, including a sturdy pair of gloves. Avoid getting insecticide on your skin, or on any surfaces where food may be prepared. If you can take the item to a garage or treat it outside, this is the best solution.

If you notice woodworm in garden furniture, use Rentokil Woodworm Aerosol, as it will be easier to apply to large areas. Again, always take the necessary precautions and follow the instructions precisely. These are extremely toxic chemicals if ingested.

A pest control company should at least assess other types of beetle infestation. If it is a mild case they will happily advise you on self-treatment options. Otherwise, it is important to let them treat the problem swiftly, before it worsens.

For woodworm and beetle control and eradication throughout Reading, Wokingham and West Berkshire, call the people who know on 01635 250 852.

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