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It's Spring - Time for Mole Control

Friday, April 07, 2017

With spring right around the corner, it's time for property owners to think about mole control. Spring marks the start of one of the two most active times for these little rodents who are masters at tearing up gardens and wreaking havoc on golf courses. Here at Pest Control Berkshire, we are preparing for our annual influx of calls having to do with moles destroying lawns.

Moles are not a problem because they eat your garden vegetables. In fact, moles are carnivorous animals that prefer insects. If you have an infestation in your garden, that means the soil underneath the lawn is a fertile and nutrient-rich environment for the kinds of insects that moles are after. Having rich, fertile soil is good for the grass and the plants, but not necessarily for maintaining a mole-free property.

As you know, the real damage from moles is the result of their tunnelling. They are voracious diggers that can create an entire network of tunnels just inches below the surface, all accessible through a series of holes that can appear all over your garden. Extensive tunnel networks can make your lawn terribly unstable. They can cause soil collapse as well as damage to your grass and foliage.

Identifying a Mole Infestation

If you suspect your lawn might be infested with moles, a little bit of observation should confirm it. First of all, look for the rodents themselves. They are most active early in the morning and during the evening hours, and they are more likely to emerge from their tunnels after heavy rain.

In the absence of actually seeing them, you should be able to identify the tell-tale sign that moles have been in your lawn: small mounds of dirt left behind as the moles have dug into the soil to tunnel. Just brush the dirt away from one of these holes, and you'll find a rather deep hole that should angle away and disappear into a tunnel.

Getting Rid of Moles with Mole Control Services

There are plenty of DIY solutions for mole control across the internet. We recommend you do not try to get rid of the rodents yourself as they are highly prolific and very well adapted. You may think you have rid your lawn of the rodents when, in fact, you've only eliminated a small number of them. Those remaining will continue to be a problem.

The best means of mole control is to call a professional with the tools, knowledge, and licencing to deal with moles correctly. Pest Control Berkshire is at your disposal. We have been offering affordable and reliable mole control services for years, so we know how to deal with the troublesome pests. Just one call will have the Pest Control Berkshire team working hard to rid your property of moles.

It's spring, which means it is also time for mole control. Do not let the rodents get the upper hand in your garden. Instead, give us a call so we can address the problem right away.

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