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Independent: Rats a Big Problem with London Rental Property

Thursday, June 12, 2014

Imagine scouring London for weeks, looking for a flat you could afford on your meagre salary. Then imagine signing a lease, moving in and then discovering, on your first night there, that you have a family of rats living under the kitchen sink. According to a recent report by The Independent, such a scenario is not all that uncommon in the UK capital.

The Independent reports that along with rising rental rates, more and more tenants are finding they are renting homes from landlords that do not seem too concerned about the conditions of their properties. And just for the record, rats are not the only problem. Tenants are also complaining of mould, cockroaches, ventilation issues, and generally poor property conditions. It is truly a shame.

Getting Rid of RatsRats - pest control

By the letter of the law, your landlord is required to provide you with safe housing at the price agreed on in the lease. Safe housing includes a dwelling free of household pests like rats and cockroaches. If you have a problem, the first thing to do is contact the property owner.

If he or she fails to rectify the problem, you could break your lease and move out. Alternatively, if you are worried about being able to find a new place to live, you could hire a pest removal company on your own. Neither solution is ideal, but you have to do whatever it is necessary to protect yourself and your family.

The one positive aspect about hiring a pest control company on your own is that you might have legal recourse against the property owner. That could come in the form of reduced rent or the court forcing the landlord to reimburse you for your expense. Of course, you still have the hassle of dealing with the problem yourself though.

We hope that you will never find yourself in such a bad situation. However, if you do, we want you to know that Pest Control Berkshire is at your disposal. We can come and treat your Berkshire home for rats, cockroaches, mice, and a host of other household pests. We also offer service to other areas including Wilshire and Buckinghamshire.

If you happen to be a landlord, we hope you will take what you have read to heart. No one deserves to live in a home infested with rats and cockroaches. We encourage you to honour your obligations as a property owner by providing your tenants with a clean and safe place to live. If you need help controlling pests, give us a call on 01635 250 852 and we'll get someone out straightaway.

We can set up a regular pest control programme that will ensure your properties always remain pest free. We are based near Newbury, so we cover an extensive portion of the South East. We would be glad to design a programme based on customised pest control options that take care of your properties year-round. You will find our prices affordable and our service is top notch.

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