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How to Kill Woodworm

Thursday, September 18, 2014

This is the time of year when we begin to see signs of woodworm infestation in Western Europe. Though there are several different species of woodworms, the one seen most often in England is the common furniture beetle. This creature can infest furniture, house timbers, and joists with ease. You can recognise infestation based on the small bore holes found in wood surfaces and the sawdust left behind.

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Any suspicion of a major, active infestation should be left to the experts at Pest Control Services. If you are dealing with a minor problem isolated to just a piece of furniture or two however, you can try to kill the woodworm on your own. Here's how you do it:

1. Check Wood integrity

In most cases of minor infestation, wood damage will be limited to the upper surfaces, while the integrity of the wood remains intact. Check the integrity of the wood by applying slight pressure. If it crumbles or falls apart at the slightest pressure, you likely have a major infestation with loss of integrity.

2. Prepare the Wood

Chemical treatments need to be able to penetrate the wood completely. Make sure all surfaces to be treated have been cleaned, being careful to remove paint, varnish, etc. Also, vacuum the wood to remove any residual sawdust from inside bore holes.

3. Apply Chemical Treatment

Chemical treatments typically come as concentrated liquids that will need to be diluted prior to use. Follow dilution and application instructions found on packaging, to the letter. As always, make sure you are wearing protective gloves and eyewear at all times. Chemical solutions should be applied liberally to saturate the surrounding wood.

Pest Control Services are the Sovereign Approved woodworm treatment specialists in Berkshire, Newbury, Thatcham, and Hungerford. We also provide service to certain areas of Hampshire, Wiltshire, and Oxfordshire. When you call us, we will first carry out a full survey of the timber in your home to assess the extent of any damage. We will follow up with a written report of our assessment along with advice for treatment.

We provide guarantees of up to 30 years for all woodworm and timber treatment, underwritten by Sovereign Chemicals Ltd. The combination of our experience and knowledge guarantees to make Pest Control Services your treatment provider of choice for woodworm eradication. Please contact us at the first sign of woodworm on your property.

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