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How to choose a pest controller in Reading

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

It is fair to say that most people won't want to deal with pests at their home or business. But in order to get rid of unsightly and annoying creatures ranging from ants and fleas to birds and bed bugs, you will need to enlist the services of a professional.

However, there are quite a few pest controllers operating in and around Reading. So, how do you decide which one to pick?

Licensed and certified

First and foremost, make sure the pest controllers you consider are licensed and certified to operate lawfully. At Pest Control Berkshire, we are certified by the Royal Society for Public and Health and listed on the PROMPT Register. Our team is also fully trained by the British Pest Control Association.

Experience and expertise

In order to ensure pests won't return, you will want to choose a pest controller that has plenty of experience and expertise. Pest Control Berkshire has been in the business of pest control for over 20 years and remains committed to a minimum amount of CPD (Continued Professional Development) every year to maintain our knowledge and relevant skills.

Range of services

If your choice of pest controller has a wide range of services on offer, chances are they will be incredibly proficient at what they do. The full range of services available from Pest Control Berkshire includes bird control, pest control management, and timber treatment.

Responsible working practices

Seeing as rodenticides are a type of poison, which can cause harm to wildlife and other non-target animals, it is imperative you choose a pest controller that adheres to responsible working practices. This is demonstrated by Pest Control Berkshire's commitment to the Campaign for Responsible use of Rodenticides (CRRU), which ensures that non-targeted and endangered species will not be affected by professional pest control practices.

Health and safety

Once again, it is important that pest controllers comply with health and safety guidelines at work to protect both humans and animals. For every client attendance, Pest Control Berkshire adopts the same stringent approach towards assessing risk, hazards, and the likely impact of our activity.


Just in case you encounter any future problems, it makes sense to receive some sort of receipt for pest control work. With all attendances, Pest Control Berkshire issues full documentation on the work we have undertaken, the treatments used, and recommended actions in an emergency. Clients wanting pest control monitoring and management services in and around Reading will also receive site surveys and plans of treatment as well as prevention programs currently underway.


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