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Here's Why You Need Professional Pest Control Services for Rats

Thursday, December 06, 2018

A lot of us fancy ourselves as pretty adept at controlling pests around the house. But how effective are most DIY methods of pest control? Not very effective at all, actually. If you need evidence, consider a recent experiment done by an American YouTube celebrity who specialises in unconventional, homegrown pest control methods.

His most recent experiment involved creating a homemade repellent using Carolina Reaper peppers. The Carolina Reaper is the most potent chili pepper in the world, with a heat rating of 2.2 million Scoville heat units. By way of comparison, the jalapeno rates at 2,500 Scoville heat units.

No Problem for the Rats

The YouTuber, identified by the Daily Mail as pest control expert Shawn Woods, first ate a Carolina Reaper and recorded the experience to prove that he was, indeed, using the potent peppers. It took him days to recover from the pain. Nonetheless, he soldiered on with his experiment.

Woods chopped up a number of peppers and mixed them with cereal and sunflower seeds. He then created a separate pile of cereal and sunflower seeds as a control. Finally, he crushed up some of the peppers and spread them around the two piles of bait, forcing the rats to climb over them to get to the food.

Not only did the chilis not repel the rats, they didn't prevent the rats from eating the food either. Video footage shows multiple rodents gobbling up both piles of food without issue. The Carolina Reapers had no effect on them whatsoever.

Resilient Creatures

Rats are incredibly resilient creatures willing to eat just about anything. Very little deters them once they find a source of food. This is why it is so incredibly difficult to get rid of them once they find their way to a residential property.

As experts in pest control in Berkshire and beyond, we have had our share of challenging rat infestations. It takes all of the skill and tools we have to deal with rodent problems effectively. And even when a problem is handled correctly, there is no guarantee that the rodents will not come back. This is why we ask customers to pay attention to the mitigation strategies we offer, and then implement those strategies immediately.

We can come to your property and begin addressing a rat problem straight away. We will likely have to make a few return visits to see how things are going. But ultimately, making sure the rats never come back is a matter of making sure you don't create an environment inviting to them.

You may think that DIY pest control is easy and effective, but reality says otherwise. Don't try to get rid of rats by yourself. You will probably not succeed, and you'll end up pouring money down the drain in the process. If rats aren't troubled by Carolina Reaper peppers, it's pretty evident that you need professional pest control services to handle any rats on your property.


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