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Have you got a mole problem in Berkshire?

Thursday, September 24, 2015

The mole population in Britain has soared over the last five years. It hasn't helped that we've had consistently wet springs, but on the whole, the reason that moles are becoming a more and more common sighting in gardens across Berkshire is because nobody is really doing anything to control the population. It's simply going unchecked.

We say, enough is enough. We value wildlife as much as the next person, but moles are very destructive and they have been known to attack pets and livestock. The way we see it, the only way to control the mole population is to trap and release moles well away from people (our preferred choice) or, if an infestation is bad, to gas them in their hole.

Is it worth getting rid of a mole?

Many people will have second thoughts about trapping a mole and taking it away from the home it has built. We understand that completely. And in the end, it's always your choice as to whether or not you choose to do that. Many people with a mole living near them rarely see or hear from their furry neighbour. But when a mole starts to trash your garden, or eat up your plantations or attack your pets, it's time to take action.

Humane control or gassing. Which is best?

We don't like to gas moles. We much prefer to release them away from humans so that they can continue to live their life. And as long as a mole is released a fair distance away from its original site, it's rare to see them to return. So humane control is always the best option.

Gassing is only really considered when there is no way to trap the mole, or when the mole is particularly aggressive and immediate action needs to be taken. We are licensed to use gas if absolutely necessary, so with us, gassing is always an option - but also a last resort.

How long does trapping take?

Moles might have poor eyesight, but they are cunning creatures. They recognise when something is fishy. This makes them tough to trap. However, due to our experience, we have ways to lure them into a trap. Generally speaking, from start to finish, mole trapping will only take a few days. This can be multiplied, depending on the number of moles.

How can you help me?

We've helped many homeowners and businesses with a mole problem in Berkshire, with our reliable and effective mole trapping services. We are extremely experienced in catching moles humanely and have over 25 years' experience. The traps we use do not ordinarily trap other forms of wildlife. In addition, we will check all set traps for you, so you can sit back and relax while we do all of the work.

So if you have a mole problem in Berkshire, give us a call on 01635 250 852.

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