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Grey Squirrels: More Than Just Garden Thieves

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Every spring the UK is awash with amateur gardeners who find themselves disappointed that their bulbs have not come through. In many cases, the problem may not be a dead bulb or poor soil or weather conditions. It may be that a hungry grey squirrel has helped itself to an easy food source sitting in the garden.

grey squirrel

Grey squirrels are not native to the UK, but they are incredibly destructive. They have indiscriminate tastes that make it possible for them to eat virtually anything they can get hold of. Grey squirrels are also prolific breeders, producing litters of as many as three babies twice per year.

The most important thing you need to know is that grey squirrels are not only destructive to gardens and bird feeders. They can also damage your home by working their way into your walls or through your roofing and into your loft. Their prodigious chewing ability enables them to wreak havoc in just a single season. Grey squirrels are a rodent you do not want to ignore.

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Seeing an occasional grey squirrel moving about outdoors is usually no cause for alarm. However, you should be concerned if you notice excessive squirrel activity around your property - especially if you see the rodents frequently coming and going from an area near your home. Any scratching or chewing sounds coming from the roof should also be investigated right away. If squirrels are found in your home, Pest Control Services has a number of effective strategies at our disposal.

We do occasionally use poison when circumstances call for it. However, we prefer the more traditional methods of poking and trapping. Please note that on larger properties with more available land, controlling grey squirrels may require an ongoing management programme. We can discuss that with you when you call.

Pest Control Services is proud to offer one-hour service for grey squirrels in Newbury, Thatcham, Hungerford, and all of Berkshire. We give priority attention to squirrels in loft spaces, so contact us straight away if you find them. We will rid your property of the rodents and offer you some strategies to prevent their return in the future. Remember, grey squirrels are more than just garden thieves. They are very capable pests that damage property, spread disease, frighten children and generally cause trouble wherever they go.

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