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Fumigation Products Can Cause Problems for Fire Service

Thursday, January 15, 2015

There are times when building owners want to handle pest control issues on their own. We understand that. Yet sometimes, DIY pest control is not the best option. For example, there are some fumigation products that are reportedly causing problems for fire services because of the confusion created by them. The products in question are fumigation smoke bombs labelled as 'aggressive' by the British Pest Control Association (BPCA).

British Pest Control Association member

News reports reference at least nine recent incidents that occurred in Dorset. In each of the incidents, the smoke bombs were set off by property owners who failed to notify tenants and area residents in advance. The clouds produced by the smoke bombs could be seen escaping from the buildings, prompting neighbours to assume a fire was burning. Those residents did the responsible thing in contacting the local fire service.

Fire officials are asking building owners to use the devices with caution. They are also reminding those who do choose to use them to properly inform neighbours and tenants prior to setting them off. According to the BPCA, the fumigation smoke bombs cannot be used in living spaces; they are restricted to enclosed spaces such as attics, sheds, and greenhouses.

Certified Pest Control Company Berkshire

Over-the-counter pest control products may be useful in some circumstances, but a pest problem severe enough to require a fumigation smoke bomb is one that is best handled by a certified pest control company such as Pest Control Services (Pest Control Berkshire). A certified specialist has both the tools and training to effectively deal with pest problems without endangering residents or causing problems for the local fire service.

In the case of the fumigation products referenced by the BPCA, technical manager Richard Moseley told the BBC that these are akin to fireworks laced with insecticides. This is not something you want being used in your home unless absolutely necessary. Moreover, if it is necessary, fumigation should only be carried out by a certified specialist.

Pest Control Berkshire is a licenced and insured pest control company based in Newbury, Berkshire. We are also members of the BPCA, listed with the PROMPT Professional Pest Control Register, and a Sovereign approved contractor. We provide same-day service within a 25-mile radius of Newbury, including Hungerford, Thatcham, and all of Berkshire. Please call us for any pest control issues rather than attempting to handle them yourself. We are the experts; let us handle the pests for you.


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