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'Flying Ant Day' Arrives in Early July

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Thursday, July 3 (2014) was an interesting day in Berkshire and its surrounding counties. A perfect storm of sunshine, warm temperatures and low humidity created the optimal conditions necessary to usher in what is commonly known as 'Flying Ant Day'. The day is punctuated by thousands of tiny flying ants traversing the skies in search of the perfect mate.

It turns out that Flying Ant Day is not contained to a single day every calendar year. In fact, the right conditions can bring out the flying ants to mate multiple times per season. It is not unusual for a given year to see four or six such events in different locations around Britain. If nothing else, the swarms of flying ants are a reminder that the little pests are never truly gone even though they might be out of sight.

Ants on Your Property

There are a number of different ant species to be concerned about in the UK. In addition to the flying ants, we have to deal with common black ants, red ants, and the lesser-known Pharaoh, Ghost and Argentine ants. Each of the species has its own characteristics that relate to the trouble they cause.

Black and red ants are known to swarm in large numbers on hot, humid days. For the black ants, the swarming ritual is part of the mating process that takes place during the summer. Every queen that successfully mates will turn around and start a new colony, which, after time, could number in the millions.

As for the red ants, they should be avoided whenever possible. Red ants can be aggravating and, when threatened, swarm in dangerous numbers. Their bites are very painful as well.

If your property is infested with Pharaoh, Ghost, or Argentine ants then you are a good candidate for a pest control programme. All three varieties are able to exist without the need for a single nest. This enables them to spread out and take control of an area very quickly.

As we progress through the month of July, there will be fewer opportunities for another Flying Ant Day to take place. However, that does not mean ant populations are necessarily under control. If you have a problem with ants on your property, feel free to call us at Pest Control Services. In addition to Berkshire, we also service the surrounding counties of Oxfordshire, Hampshire and Wiltshire.


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